Top 5 Eats at the Wisconsin State Fair - Week 2 Drive Thru

We’re back for Week 2 of the Wisconsin State Fair Food Drive-Thru!

If you missed our recommendations last week, you can still view the amazing food fair goers had the opportunity to sink their teeth into here: Top 5 Eats at the Wisconsin State Fair - Week 1 Drive Thru

Some vendors are back for another week, while others are available for the first time!  Go back to our week one post to get our week 1 recommendations for 3B’s Corn Dogs, Charlies Great Food, Waffle Chix, & Gertrude’s Fresh Pretzels as they are back again for week 2!  Newcomers feature Richie’s Cheese Curd Tacos & Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association.

Here’s Burn Pit BBQ’s Top 5 Wisconsin State Fair Food Drive Thru Week 2 Picks  

  1. RICHIE’S CHEESE CURD TACOS - Buffalo Chicken Cheese Curd Taco $10 – Make sure to get your hands on this 2019 Sporkies Winner. One taco won’t be enough, so we suggest getting two!

CHARLIE’S GREAT FOOD - Smoked Pork Loin On-a-Stick $8.50 – Charlie’s is back on the list for week 2!  If you missed our recommendation last week, check out their Smoked Jumbo Turkey Leg!  You won’t regret it!

GERTRUDE’S FRESH PRETZELS - Nathan’s 1/4 lb. Pretzel-Wrapped Hot Dog Regular $8 – Last week we recommend Gertrude's pretzel-wrapped Brat.  This week we are going back to the classic Hot Dog!

WISCONSIN CATTLEMEN’S ASSOCIATION - Famous Ribeye Steak Sandwich $10 – These will sell out fast!  Make sure to get there early!  For over twenty-five years, WCA has operated the Steak Trailer as a beef promotion opportunity and scholarship fundraising program.

WAFFLE CHIX - Breakfast Sausage in a Waffle On-a-Stick $7 – Back for round 2!  You can’t miss with this family run stand!

RICK’S PIZZA - Pickle Pizza Slice $7 – Pickles on a pizza?  You bet!  Give it a try, you might like it!  

    Check out the vendor route and all menus here > Map & Printable Menu

    What’s on your list?  Let me know in the comments…

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