Top 5 Eats at the Wisconsin State Fair - Week 1 Drive Thru

The Wisconsin State Fair may have been canceled, but you can still get some of your favorite fair foods!

The four-week "Fair Food Drive-Thru" will start today at 4 p.m.

Here's how it works: Vehicles will enter the park to get in line. One-way traffic will wind through the Milwaukee Mile and State Fair Park.

When you see a food vendor you would like to try, exit the drive-through lane to the vendor area and order and receive your food and then get back in the drive-through lane for more food options.

Not sure what to get?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Here are our Top 5 BBQ Picks for this week’s Wisconsin State Fair Drive Thru!


  1. CHARLIE’S GREAT FOOD - Smoked Jumbo Turkey Leg $12 - These giant seasoned turkey drumsticks are fit for a king. They are roasted until tender and crisped up on a hot grill.


  1. PORK SCHOPPE - Butterfly Pork Chop Sandwich $7 – A 5-ounce portion of lean, tender, perfectly seasoned meat, it is grilled, then nestled in a soft sandwich bun. Make sure to try their BBQ sauce too! Did you know that the PORK SCHOPPE is staffed by volunteers from organizations like FFA and 4H working to raise funds for their programs? Swing by and help them out!


  1. Waffle Chix - Chicken in a Waffle On-a-Stick $7 - Family owned and operated fair food concession trailer! Serving kickin' chicken wrapped in heavenly waffles on a stick!


  1. GERTRUDE’S FRESH PRETZELS - Johnsonville 10-inch Pretzel-Wrapped Brat $10 – A past Sporkie Nominee, this is a 10-Inch-deep fried pretzel wrapped Johnsonville Brat on a stick covered with sauerkraut and Dusseldorf mustard. Get in my belly!


  1. 3B CORN DOGS & DIPPIN’ DOTS - Footlong Corndog $8 – Another family owned and operated business! The owners are present at every event they serve. All of their products are prepared fresh on site daily and cooked in view of the customer.

Check out the vendor route and all menus here > MapPrintable Menu

What’s on your list?  Let me know in the comments…

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