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Our Story

Greg Fischer and Ben Kreple originally founded Burn Pit BBQ to make grilling less intimidating.

This hobby turned passion turned business started out as a blog to connect grill enthusiasts across the country and provide a community among them.

Why? The truth is, there's a lot of information out there and it can be overwhelming. Ben & Greg set out to cut out the noise and keep it simple.

The Idea

Launched in 2020, Greg & Ben realized that all the tips, tricks, and recipes out there focused on sauces and rubs that used a ton of artificial ingredients.

Wanting something more wholesome without a lack of flavor, they set out to make the kind of products that barbecue enthusiasts everywhere would feel good about reaching for and be even more excited to chow down on.

Proudly made in Wisconsin, Burn Pit BBQ sauces, rubs, and seasonings are made with all-natural ingredients without any cholesterol, MSG or corn syrup. The chefs and grill masters behind the recipes painstakingly selected every ingredient not only for better quality but also for the way it helps achieve the ultimate juicy grilled-to-perfection creations.

Giving Back

During his four years in the Marines, Greg came to truly understand the value and importance of community and being there for those in need.

This is the heart of everything the company does. First in providing a resource for new and experienced grillers alike to support one another and learn from each other’s mistakes.

The Burn Pit BBQ team has undercooked, over seasoned, burnt and flat out destroyed their fair share of what should have been glorious pieces of meat over the years, which is why they’re all about sharing their expertise so no one has to go through wasting mouthwatering cuts ever again!

This commitment to giving support is also reflected in the monthly donations Burn Pit BBQ makes to veteran-focused organizations.