How To Smoke On A Gas Grill

We're big on using our charcoal grills, but we know there are a lot of gas grillers out there!  This one's for them!

Smoking On A Gas Grill

Many new gas grills have a slide out box for smoking.  The box is a long drawer you can open and fill with wood chips.  There is a burner dedicated to the box that makes smoking easy. You can run the burner at a high heat until the chips make smoke and you can control the smoke by turning the burner higher or lower. Some of the boxes even have a separate place for water, which will provide a steaming effect for the food.  If your grill has a smoker box, make sure to follow the manufacturers instructions on how to use it to get the most out of it. If you don’t have a smoker box, no worry, in a few simple steps you can turn any gas grill into a smoker!

Buy A Smoker Box

If your gas grill doesn’t come with a smoker box, you have the option to purchase a stainless steel box that will sit right on top of your grates. The heat from the grill will heat up the soaked wood chips inside and the holes in the lid will release the smoke over your food. If the wood chips burn out, you can simply open the lid and throw some more in!

Make Your Own Smoker Pouch

If you are trying out smoking for the first time or don’t want to buy a smoker box, a cheap and simple option is to make your own smoker pouch. This is easy and all you need is a sheet of heavy-duty aluminum foil and your choice of wood chips! 

How To Make A Smoker Pouch

  • Place soaked wood chips in the center of the sheet of aluminum foil

  • Bring the short sides of the foil to the center over the chips

  • Fold over the edges twice to make a seal 

  • Fold in the sides of the pouch twice to make a seal 

  • Poke holes in the top of the pouch with a knife to let the smoke escape

  • Place the pouch directly over one of the burners 

  • Run the grill on high - once heated, the pouch will let out smoke

  • Adjust temperature of grill as needed

Foil Pan Alternative

  • Place soaked wood chips into a foil pan

  • Cover the pan with aluminum foil

  • Follow the rest of the steps as outlined with the Smoker Pouch

Using Wood Chunks (not chips)

Wood chunks are just that, chunks of wood.  They are bigger and thicker than the wood chips. Try soaking a few and using the same way you would a pouch.  Just put directly over one of the burners. Run the grill on high until you see smoke then adjust the temperature as needed.

Let us know how you smoke on your gas grill in the comments….

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