Hot Wings!

Hot Wings! 

We fired up the smoker to heat things up this week!  Watch yourself on this one, if you put too much hot sauce, you might need something to cool your tongue! 

Don’t worry, you can still use this recipe even if you don’t like it hot. Just skip the sauce at the end!  






Get temp on grill or smoker to 300, while the smoker is heating up, combine the wings, pepper, All Ration, and Ground Pounder in a bowl and mix to coat


When ready, smoke over indirect heat for 35 minutes. Flip and smoke for another 30 minutes. 


Put directly over coals for 3-5 minutes to crisp up a bit. 


Divide wings equally into separate tin pans and coat one with Hot Brass and the other with Point Blank. 


Put the tins back on the smoker away from the coals for another 15 minutes. 


Stir wings around in the pan and let rest for 15 minutes. Enjoy!! 

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