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Lock and Load! Get all of the Burn Pit BBQ rubs & seasonings at a discount!  

This package makes a great gift for the grill master in your life who is looking for something different!

Get all of our All Natural Rubs!

All Purpose Garlic Seasoning - this seasoning versatile and gets the job done! The all-purpose garlic seasoning is a must have for vegetables, pasta, eggs and beef.  Great on just about anything!

Sweet Heat Rub - great for pork, beef, and chicken.  It has a little sweetness at first and a slight kick at the end!  Perfect for your ribs, wings, or steak!

All-Purpose Rub - this BBQ rub is a must have for any thing smoked or grilled.  A perfect fit for brisket, ribs, or chicken.  Throw it on your veggies or pasta too!

Spicy All-Purpose Seasoning - this mildly spicy rub is an explosion of flavor!  Great on anything you want a little kick to!  Awesome on wings, ribs or steak!

Pop Smoke Memphis Style BBQ Rub - great on chicken, pork, and beef!  

First Strike Fish & Wild Game Seasoning  - great on salmon, chicken, and vegetables!