Why did you name your business Burn Pit?

Most times, folks think we named it Burn Pit because they think our products are spicy. Which is true for some, but we actually named it Burn Pit to give homage to our military service.

Burn Pits are (were) an area of a United States military base in which waste is disposed of by burning. Overseas, we threw everything into those burn pits. Trash, medical equipment, fuel, waste... and the toxins released were breathed in by everyone near by.

Many service members lived and slept right next to burn pits for their entire deployments. We are now just facing the reality of breathing in those toxic fumes nearly everyday for months on end.

So, we named our business Burn Pit BBQ for 2 reasons:

1 - To be able to bring awareness and have conversations like this
2- because we have a pretty good sense of humor and don't take ourselves too seriously 🤣

either way, we're glad you are here! Grill and Smoke on!

- Ben & Greg, Co-Founders Burn Pit BBQ

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