Top 5 Grilling Tools You Need For Your Grilling Station

Ever since man discovered fire, there is something amazing about cooking over an open flame. It’s very natural and satisfying. Here are our top 5 grilling tools that will make your grilling easier, more fun, and safer.  

  1. Long Tongs and Spatula – The most important tools in a griller’s workshop. They allow you to get to the back of the grill without burning your hand or arm. They are perfect to allow you to turn things with ease on any grill. 

  1. Digital Instant Read Thermometer – There is only one way to tell if your meat or poultry is done – take its temperature. An instant read thermometer with a long metal probe gives you the internal temp as soon as you insert it. 

  1. Grill Brush – A wire grill brush is great for cleaning the grill. Make sure to get one where the bristles are wound into the brush so they don’t come loose while brushing. 

  1. Grill Fork – A long fork with a long handle. Great for chicken to pull back and turn over to keep the grill marks that you lose if you use a spatula. The fork also comes in handy for any foods that fall between the grates! 

  1. Basting Brush – Essential for brushing oils, bastes, glazes, and sauces on grilling food. A rubber pastry brush allows you soak up a lot of the sauce when basting and you don’t have to worry about the bristles going stray on a regular brush.

What did we miss?  Let us know your must have grilling tools in the comments....

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