The Ultimate Competition Style Ribs

Our Backyard BBQ Competition is coming up this weekend, so we thought we'd share our competition recipe!
You might think we are crazy letting everyone see our method and ingredients, but this recipe is just as good for your backyard as it is for competition. It's a little longer with more ingredients than we typically put together, so stick with it!


Give it a won't be disappointed. 




2 Racks Babyback Ribs  
Unsalted Butter (2 sticks)
1 12oz bottle for Pop Smoke Memphis Style Rub
1 bag of light brown sugar
1 bottle of honey
1 quart Apple juice
1 bottle Yellow Mustard
Charcoal (either briquettes or hardwood lump- we used Cowboy Lump Hardwood)
Apple wood chips
Jack Daniels wood chips


Additional Supplies

Plastic sauce squeeze bottle
Spray bottle
A good digital thermometer
1 large aluminum pan (13in X 22in)
Heavy duty aluminum foil



Trim ribs and remove membrane - trim extra fat and level top, cut last bone away on each side, remove flap and membrane, clean up and trim away scraps - goal is a nice rectangle rack

Cover ribs in yellow mustard and apply generous amount of Pop Smoke and Fire For Effect rub to both sides of ribs (let sweat for 30 minutes)

Start smoker
Once up to temp (250 degrees) add wood (2 handful apple, 1 handful Jack)  and ribs to smoker (bone side down)
At 1.5 hours in, open the lid and do a quick spray with apple juice to keep moist and build a nice color
After 2.5-3 hrs remove ribs from smoker and wrap in foil 
Layer 2 pieces of foil
  • Put a few handfuls of brown sugar, 5 rows of honey, 3 tablespoons of butter, 2 streaks of Sticky Fire, and a coating of the rub mixture
  • Lay ribs meat side down
  • Repeat steps on the membrane side
  • Cross foil long ways to start wrapping
  • Put back on smoker meat side down

Put ribs back on smoker (meat side down) in foil for 1-1.5 hrs  or until ribs hit 201-203 degrees internally (between the bones still in foil)
Once ribs are done remove them from the smoker, vent the foil, and rest (keep in foil boat).
Make sauce and add to squeeze bottle
  • ½ bottle of Pogey Bait and ½ bottle of QRF into tin pan and heat until it thins a bit
  • Take off heat and add 2 tablespoons of butter
Sauce ribs and put them back on the smoker for 10 minutes. Try for clean sauce, little to no streak marks
Put ribs meat side down on cutting board and slice.  Touch up if needed, Place in box and sprinkle lightly with Fire For Effect (very little)
Plate and give to the judges....or your friends and family!

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