The Most Searched for Grilling Recipes in Each State

Labor Day is one of the top grilling holidays in the US.  According to Google, these were the most searched for grilling recipes over the past month in each state. 

Uniquely Searched Grilled Recipes, Past Month:

The term “uniquely searched” means that a state searched for something more than all of the U.S.

Alabama – Grilled pork chops

Alaska – Grilled lamb chops

Arizona – Grilled shrimp

Arkansas – Grilled asparagus

California – Grilled salmon

Colorado – Grilled zucchini

Connecticut – Grilled zucchini

Delaware – Grilled kabobs

Washington DC – Grilled peaches

Florida – Grilled salmon

Georgia – Grilled salmon

Hawaii – Grilled zucchini

Idaho – Grilled eggplant

Illinois – Grilled salmon

Indiana – Grilled salmon

Iowa – Grilled sweet corn

Kansas – Grilled pork chops

Kentucky – Grilled cabbage

Louisiana – Grilled lobster

Maine – Grilled chicken breast

Maryland – Grilled salmon

Massachusetts – Grilled swordfish

Michigan – Grilled salmon

Minnesota – Grilled chicken breast

Mississippi – Grilled chicken quarters

Missouri – Grilled pork chops

Montana – Grilled zucchini

Nebraska – Grilled peaches

Nevada – Grilled shrimp

New Hampshire – Grilled eggplant

New Jersey – Grilled chicken

New Mexico – Grilled vegetables

New York –Grilled salmon

North Carolina – Grilled shrimp

North Dakota – Grilled jumbo shrimp

Ohio – Grilled salmon

Oklahoma – Charcoal grilled salmon

Oregon – Grilled salmon

Pennsylvania – Grilled zucchini

Rhode Island – Grilled salmon

South Carolina – Grilled lobster tails

Tennessee – Grilled salmon

Texas – Grilled salmon

Utah – Grilled chicken breast

Vermont – Grilled tuna steak

Virginia – Grilled shrimp

Washington – Grilled salmon

West Virginia – Grilled zucchini

Wisconsin – Grilled salmon

Wyoming – Grilled chicken thighs

What is your state searching for?  Let us know in the comments...

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