Smoked Turkey Meatballs

Hey all! Greg here!

I had some ground turkey I wanted to smoke, so I made these smoked meatballs. I added a little flavor with our Memphis rub (great on turkey!), sweet honey sauce, and some bacon jam!

The results? Absolutely freaking delicious! It was super simple and took about 60 minutes start to finish.

You can obviously replace the turkey with beef, either way, it’s going to be good.

Here is the breakdown:

1 pound ground turkey
¼ cup bacon jam


Mix all ingredients together using your hands. Get them a little wet with cold water so the meat doesn’t stick. Don’t be shy, get in there and mix it up!

Make the balls - use an ice cream scooper to get a uniformed size each time. I made them a little bigger and got about 12 meatballs from 1 pound. You can make them a bit smaller and get about 16 if you prefer smaller balls.

Place them on a tray or wire rack and stick them in the refrigerator to cool some more while you get the smoker ready.

Get the smoker ready. I used my Weber Kettle and set it up for indirect grilling. Once the temp got to 350 degree F. I placed the wired rack on the grill grates away from the coals and threw on a handful of hickory wood chips

After about 30 minutes I checked the temperature - you want to be about 165 degrees before pulling them. Some recipes call for smoking at 250 for 15 minutes and then cranking the heat up to 350 for the final 5-7 minutes. Because I made my balls a little bigger, I stuck with just the 350 for about 30 minutes.

The bacon jam and BBQ sauce in the mixture created a nice candy finish. Just be careful to not burn them.

Remove from the heat and let them cool before serving

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