Smoked Gator

Wow, was this fun.  We can't take the credit for it because a good friend cooked this one up, but we came up with a recipe for gator we think you'll like!
If you want to hear more about this cook, listen to the podcast!
Here you go!  Smoked Gator recipe!
1 whole alligator (you can order online and pick your size)
Container to put the gator in (a small ice cooler works well)
enough water to cover the gator (6 gallons were used in this recipe)
1 cup Kosher or sea salt per gallon of water used
3 cups brown sugar
2 cups white sugar


For the grill:
Lump charcoal
Light or fruity wood chunks (pecan wood chunks are our favorite)


Allow the frozen alligator to thaw for about a day before putting it in a small ice cooler and covering it with enough water to submerge the gator.
Add Kosher or sea salt, brown sugar and white sugar to the water in the cooler and let the gator sit in the brine for 16 hours.
Preheat your smoker to 250.
Combine all seasonings and make a fine paste. Season the gator with seasoning mixture

Once the smoker’s temperature reaches 250, place the gator on the pit (optional: you can mop the gator with your favorite apple juice mixture, but we didn't on this one)
After 5 hours, the gator should be perfectly cooked and you can serve it immediately (just to be sure, internal temp should be 155 degrees)


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  • Joe

    It was 8.97 pounds. We shoulda measured it 🤦

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