Smoked Cheez Its

Get your cheeze on!  We like simple and delicious recipes. This one is really simple and packs some amazing flavor in a small bite!  Our Smoked Cheez It recipe is perfect for your gameday party or just to pack in your lunch!  Smoke ‘em up and give it a try!




1large box of Cheez It crackers (white or cheddar) approx 21 oz
½ aluminum pan
½ cup olive oil



Set the smoker to between 200-225 degrees F 

While the smoker is heating up, pour the crackers in the pan

Add the oil and Burn Pit Fire For Effect Rub. Mix gently until all of the crackers are coated with the mixture, spread out the crackers evenly

Place the pan on the smoker and smoke for approximately 90 to 2 hours stirring every 30 minutes so they don’t stick together

Remove from smoker and let cool!


Variations - feel free to try this out with any snack foods you like. Give it a try on pretzels, chex mix and nuts!

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