Smoked Brisket

Brisket!  A constant topic of conversation anywhere we go.  This week, Ben breaks down a recent brisket cook he did on his Weber!  He kept it pretty simple on this one.  A little Burn Pit BBQ flavor and then smoke! That's it!

Listen to the podcast where he breaks down every step!




Brisket flat - 3 lbs
All Ration All Purpose BBQ Seasoning
Ground Pounder All Purpose Garlic Seasoning


B&B oak hardwood
Hickory wood chunks for smoking


Get smoker up to temperature - 250-275°F (I used my Weber Kettle for this one)

Rub brisket generously with All Ration & Ground Pounder

When ready to smoke, place a small water pan under the brisket to help with moisture and to catch any drippings that may fall

Smoke for 4 hours or until an internal temperature of 165, then wrap with peach paper

Let the brisket smoke for another 2 hours and then pull once the internal temperature reaches approximately 203°F (I pulled this one at 204°F)

Let it rest for 1 hour then slice and serve

Note - It turned out great! But I wish I had injected it just a little bit since it didn't have that fat cap on there to help keep it moist throughout the cook. Otherwise, it was a solid cook and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Listen to the podcast where we break it down!

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