Home Run Tailgating: The Ultimate Checklist for Grilling Out Durning Baseball Season

Gear up, fans! It's tailgating season in Wisconsin, and that means it's time to fire up the grill, crack open a cold one, and cheer on your favorite baseball team in style. To ensure your tailgate party is a home run, we've compiled the ultimate checklist packed with everything you need for the ultimate pre-game celebration. From essential grilling gear to mouthwatering food and refreshing beverages, we've got you covered. So grab your crew, don your team colors, and get ready to make memories that'll last long after the final pitch. Let's turn the parking lot into your personal ballpark oasis with our comprehensive tailgating checklist!

Here's a comprehensive tailgating checklist for those planning to grill out in the parking lot before a baseball game in Wisconsin:


  1. Cooler or ice chest
  2. Folding chairs or portable seating
  3. Portable grill (charcoal, gas, or electric)
  4. Charcoal or propane for the grill
  5. Lighter or matches
  6. Grilling utensils (tongs, spatula, grill brush)
  7. Aluminum foil for grilling
  8. Cutting board and knife
  9. Trash bags for cleanup
  10. Wet wipes or hand sanitizer
  11. Sunscreen and sunglasses
  12. Portable speaker or radio for music
  13. Portable table or surface for food prep

Food and Beverages:

  1. Burgers, hot dogs, sausages, or other meats
  2. Buns or bread
  3. Condiments (ketchup, mustard, relish, etc.)
  4. Cheese slices (Wisconsin cheese, if possible!)
  5. Vegetables for grilling (corn on the cob, bell peppers, onions, etc.)
  6. Marinades or sauces for meats
  7. Chips or snacks
  8. Dips or salsa
  9. Fresh fruits
  10. Bottled water and other non-alcoholic beverages
  11. Beer or other alcoholic beverages (if permitted and consumed responsibly)
  12. Cooler packs or ice packs for drinks


  1. Canopy or umbrella for shade (if allowed)
  2. Folding table for serving food
  3. Disposable plates, cups, and utensils
  4. Napkins or paper towels
  5. Games (cornhole, frisbee, etc.) for entertainment
  6. Team flags or banners to show your support
  7. First aid kit
  8. Bug spray or citronella candles
  9. Ponchos or rain gear (if there's a chance of rain)
  10. Camera or smartphone for capturing memories

Optional Upgrades:

  1. Specialty grilling tools (smoker box, grill mat, etc.)
  2. Portable generator for additional power needs
  3. Tailgate tent or canopy with walls for privacy and weather protection
  4. Folding camping table and chairs for extra comfort
  5. Portable grill thermometer for precise cooking

Make sure to customize this checklist based on your preferences, the size of your group, and any specific regulations or guidelines at the tailgating location. Have a fantastic tailgating experience and enjoy the game!

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