Co-Founder Greg on the Got Your 6 Podcast

Co-Founder and USMC veteran Greg Fischer talks with Tony Nash on the Got Your 6 podcast:


This week, Tony Nash is joined by Greg Fischer, a USMC veteran and co-founder of Burn Pit BBQ. Aside from being passionate about barbecue and grilling, he is also passionate about connecting with separating service members and veterans to help with their transition back into the civilian world. Greg believes growth is a continual process throughout life.

You will learn about why fighting even for the smallest of opportunities and staying true and intact with your brand messaging. Authenticity is a winning strategy when you’re just starting out. You will also learn why putting yourself in an environment where you can get direct and honest feedback as well as actively seeking out mentors is the personal accountability that will open a lot of new doors for you.

As a result, if you do this consistently you will have a circle of trust agents that can only further your improvement and foster continual growth. You will be more courageous than ever to go where your limits are always tested knowing that you have a supportive community behind you cheering you on to achieve new heights.


Listen here:

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