Burn Pit Beer & Brat Recipe

4 Ingredient Beer Brat Recipe

Brats, Beer, & Cheese are pretty much what Wisconsin is known for.  We’re going to take 2 of those and mix them together for a simple, yet delicious meal!

This recipe is for the grill, but you can certainly make this using your stove top or oven. You just won’t get the smokey-ness flavors of the grill!

Here it is:

The Tools

  • Grill
  • Tinfoil pan
  • Woodchips for smoking (optional)

The Ingredients

  • 1 pound of your favorite Bratwursts - (head to your local butcher or we like to keep it local with Johnsonville Brats)
  • 1 medium yellow onion sliced
  • 24 oz of Miller Lite Beer (or your beer of choice)
  • 2 tbsp of Ground Pounder Garlic Seasoning

For serving: brat buns, sauerkraut, mustard, and ketchup

The Process:

-Put the brats, beer, sliced onions and Ground Pounder in the tinfoil pan.  You can combine them all in an airtight container and marinate for 12-24 hours if you have the time, but for this one, it’s right to the grill!

-Set your grill up for indirect grilling.  We use charcoal, but you can do this on your gas grill too. Check out our previous blog on how to do this here: https://burnpitbbq.com/blogs/news/the-basics-of-smoking-on-a-gas-grill

(Picture: Charcoal set up for indirect grilling. If you don't have charcoal baskets, simply use a spare tin foil pan to keep them separated! Grate goes on top)

-When the internal grill temperature reaches a medium heat 35-450 degrees F, it’s time to cook!

-Place the tin with the brats and beer on the grate away from the heat source.  Throw some wood chips on the coals if you want to kick up the flavor a little.  We like a nice hickory smoke flavor to go with the brats!

-Close the grill and wait for the beer to get up to a boil, then boil for about 10-12 minutes or until they reach 145 degrees F.  This might take up to 25 minutes depending on your grill temp.

-Once boiled, take the brats out of the beer and place them directly over your heat source on the grates.  This will give them a nice char to finish.  Grill about 2-3 minutes per side or until an internal temp of 160 degrees F.

-Transfer to a plate and let cool. 

-Serve on a bun and top with the onions from the grill, sauerkraut, and your favorite condiments

-Eat up!


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