Bratkartoffeln (German Cottage Fries)

Bratkartoffeln (German Cottage Fries)

These German fries are pan fried potatoes with onions, bacon, and our newest Pop Smoke BBQ rub as garnish. The name literally means fried potatoes (from braten=to fry and Kartoffeln=potatoes)

We add our take with a little Pop Smoke Memphis Style BBQ rub for a little BBQ flare!

Bratkartoffeln is wildly popular throughout Germany and is a great appetizer to many main dishes. 

So raise a glass of beer and chow down!


  • 6 strips bacon - thick cut preferred
  • 2 lbs Potatoes - Use a waxy variety like Gold potatoes, Red Bliss or new potatoes for their firm texture
  • 2 tbsp cooking oil
  • 1 small onion
  • 1 tbsp Pop Smoke Memphis Style BBQ Rub


1. Clean the potatoes and boil them skins on in salted water until they soften, but retain some firmness

2. While the potatoes are boiling, cut the bacon into thin strips, or dice it. Thinly slice onions. 


3. Cook bacon in a skillet over medium heat. Cook until crispy. Remove and drain over paper towel. In the rendered fat also cook the onions over medium heat until they begin to get crispy. Then remove from heat and set aside. 


4. Check on the potatoes by piercing them with a fork. When you can pierce them but they still have a bit of firmness, pour them out and run cold water over them. 

5. Cut the potatoes into circles, semi-circle or dice them - your choice

6. Pan fry the cut potatoes in 2 batches in the same skillet where you cooked the bacon and onions. Add a tablespoon of cooking oil per batch. Try not to overcrowd the skillet so the potatoes can brown nicely. Once crispy, flip them to brown the other side.


7. Add the bacon, onions, and Pop Smoke to the potatoes and mix. Season with a little more salt and pepper to taste. 


Serve with a cold, crisp German pilsner or your favorite Oktoberfest lager!  

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