Smoked Chuck Roast Chili

I was looking for a way to use a chuck roast I had and decided to make a smoked chili with it. This cook was actually pretty simple. Aside from having to get creative to fit it on the weber, it was easy to smoke it up.  


This recipe creates quite a bit of chili, so if you aren’t feeding a lot of people or don’t plan on freezing it for later, consider cutting it in half. 

I also tried out a new product, Dr. K’s Tenn Cans, for the smoke. It produces a good amount of smoke, but might be better for a gas grill. Normally I’ll throw on some wood chunks or chips and they do the trick.

For more details about the set up, check out the video below. 





2tbsp olive oil
1 onion chopped & sauteed
2 packet chili seasoning or homemade chili seasoning
4 oz Worcestershire sauce
120 oz tomato sauce
5 lb chuck roast
Salt and ground black pepper
30 oz red kidney beans
30 oz great northern beans
30 oz black beans
32 oz beef stock or broth if needed
Tomato paste if needed


Additional Tools Needed 

Roasting Rack
2 Bricks
Large pan
Wood for smoking



Sauté the onions in the oil until soft

While the onions are saute-ing, add the tomato sauce, chili powder, and worcestershire sauce in the roasting pan

Add the softened onions and mix thoroughly

Season the chuck roasts with salt, pepper and rub

Place the chuck roasts on the roasting rack and set the rack, chuck roasts and all, into the roasting pan

Place the pan in the smoker once it gets to 300F

Smoke until the chuck roasts hit 140-150F internal

Then carefully remove the pan, making sure not to burn yourself - Optional - Sear off the chuck roasts to get some browning

Remove the charred chuck roasts from the grill 

While the chuck roasts rest for about 10 minutes, add the beans to the pan

Then chunk up the chuck roasts to bite size pieces and put back in the pan

Mix the beans and meat in thoroughly

Optional - Add beef stock if needed and put the pan back in the smoker (I did not need to add any in this cook)

Smoke for another 30 minutes 

Remove from heat and serve with your favorite garnishes

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